Travis Young Sets The Trend

Travis Young launched Studio Momentum Architects in 1994 determined to push the envelope of great design, sustainability and the evolution of modern building.

The vernacular of a "modern architect” is more than sleek lines, minimalism and connectivity to Travis. How we manage tech devices in modern homes is ever growing. Home automation systems and connectivity through our personal devices along with home energy monitoring can mean we are better stewards of our environment.

With today’s technology and innovations, Travis tells us that "There’s no reason for us to not have “net zero capable” homes” meaning a home uses as much energy as it produces.

Efficiency for spaces that we truly live in means that homes are products as much as they are spaces we live. The evolution of home space is about “shared use” meaning that there’s more than one use for a particular room. While it is a building trend, it’s also a practical way for us to live today.

Travis can’t stand superficial. He has very clear ideas on how Austin can continue to develop density with homes and buildings considering Energy Star ratings as part of the final product.

His signature style is about the process - he considers the context of the site, the builders and the home owners who must all work together to create the final results of the process. And, that end result is a signature style that is about modern mentality beyond the visual aspects of a project (which are not only functional but stunning). In fact, he was tasked with the staircase that holds up Krisstina and Garry’s home in Barton Creek.

To hear about “what’s hot and what’s not” in trends and innovations listen in as Travis drops some very clear thoughts.

Travis Young of Studio Momentum Architects grew up in California and Arizona. He earned his Masters of Architecture from University of Texas in Austin and the American Institute of Architects’ Medal for Professional Promise as the highest ranked graduate student. Travis has made Austin his home and is raising his family here.