This Modern Day Dynamic Duo Talk: On Trends + Innovations

Jair Gonzalez is a NY | Austin-based architect. Jennifer Williams is a former top NY model and Austin home designer. Combined, this power couple create one-of-a-kind modern luxury homes that only a select few are lucky enough to call home in Austin, TX.

When homes are smart, pretty and efficient they create better lives within their owners according to Jair and Jennifer.

While Jair doesn’t follow trends, he believes that it is his duty as an architect to “create architecture that is smart”. People are using the same template to repeat designs and while clients may go back to it, the innovation is lacking as a result. While some architects and builders spend a lot of time trying to emulate others’ work to give clients what they want he offers originality that produces something new and fresh.

Jennifer and Jair love natural organic materials in the home including unfinished oak and a newer floor compound that includes concrete, marble (from Marble Falls, TX) and quartz that is ground down to yield a terrazzo feel but is local and more fitting to our Austin, TX, environment.

Because most modern luxury kitchens are grand and the center of the home, they need to be efficient for creating personal meals and comfortable family time. Jennifer knows from first-hand experience just how important that kitchen design can be as their personal home is the heartbeat of family life with their two young girls.

Looking ahead, Jair believes that a smaller footprint with all of the bells and whistles is a smarter way to build. The fit and finish is something that Jennifer pays special attention to for their clients. She notes that in Austin “ it is not hot" to forget about the relationship shared between the interior and exterior spaces for flow and lifestyle sensibilities.

It was a real pleasure sitting down with them to hear about trends and innovations. They have a lot to say! So, please enjoy!

Jair Gonzalez moved to Austin. Jennifer grew up in Dallas. Their love affair began when they met in New York City. Yet, neither could stay away from the Austin, TX, lifestyle and their deep family roots that has three generations constantly gathering and thriving together. They truly embody that “home is where the heart is” and their hearts are also so clearly placed into the architecture and design of their home and their clients’ homes.