The Chris Cobb Effect - Architecture Trends and Innovations Examined

Chris Cobb, Principal at Chris Cobb Architecture, creates modern homes that resonate deeply with those who truly appreciate craftsmanship, consideration for the interplay of light and space, refined materials and an astute attention to detail.

When discussing trends, Chris considers that a modern lifestyle often means a longer lifespan and multiple generations living under one roof.

Principles and values therefore, must remain in context and design for adaptability within space while editing out the superfluous to yield simplicity and clean lines.

Listen in as he shares more about “having a level of restraint and distilling it down to a few strong moves is probably the most powerful design thing you can do... but it’s extremely difficult!”. He considers innovations in residential architecture and the contemporary lifestyle.

Here is 1907 Barton Parkway presented on the 2016 Modern Home Tour Austin. And, his wonderful client who just can’t say enough about working through the renovation process with Chris.

Chris Cobb is a bit of a unicorn as he grew up in Austin, Texas and went to College of Architecture, Texas A&M. After leaving College Station, there was no place in the world he would rather be than back in Austin with his family. To find out more and connect with Chris Cobb Architecture connect here.