Steve Zagorski Architect - The Truth is Size Matters … And Other Architectural Trends and Innovations

Steve Zagorski, Caitlin Crozier and Celeste Aguirre are the powerhouse team known as Steve Zagorski Architect. When it comes to modern architecture in Austin, Texas, each of them brings forth complimentary attitudes and skills that create a holistic client experience.

The team pays special attention to details including natural light as they form proportionate spaces both internally and externally for each project. Other planning considerations include room versatility or “functional flex-space" that allows a family to iterate within. How do they do it? You’ll have to listen in.

Like their clients, they prefer not to be limited to any one architectural style. Their vision steers them to design a modern lifestyle that creates a “timelessness” vs the standard trendiness we would see in some builders cookie-cutter neighborhoods. In fact, the Steve Zagorski Architect team offer architecture that is anything but “standard”. They are architectural innovators and creators who collaborate with clientele in traditional and non-traditional means. For example, to create the space and communications required to amplify, polish and finalize the most minute architectural details prior to building, the team finds that"Pinterest swiping” helps clients get their ideas quantified.

PS Turns out "size matters" when it comes to efficiencies and sustainability when building in Austin. And, these architects would know as they’ve worked on some spectacular projects for their clients including one of our favorite 2016 Modern Home Tour Austin homes. If we’ve learned anything spending time with them, it’s that Steve and his team are truly appreciated by their clients.

While this interview has a bit of echo from the microphone, we hope you’ll enjoy the pure gold nuggets they share as we talk about architectural trends and innovations. Enjoy!