Smart Grilling is HOT!

The latest in our #gtechworthy noteworthy “must haves" is perhaps one of the best Father’s Day gifts you can buy: the Lynx wifi enabled “smart grill”. Yes, that’s right, one more reason to get your husband outside cooking dinner and entertaining all.

With all the standard features you can imagine, these stainless steel barbecues have factor like: sensors and ignitors with voice controls.

Download the Lynx Smart Grill app and the fun begins with integration to monitor temperature, on/off, an enable/disable voice recognition capability, program customizable recipe creations or search built-in recipes. Lynx Smart Grill community exists for culinary artistry and sharing your secret sauce. It may be a great way to help win that next barbecue cook-off in your Austin community!

Other cool #gtechworthy features: you can pre-heat your grill before you get home from your smart-phone. Brilliant since we are all looking to save time at the end of a long day!

Not getting enough meaningful texts in your life? Say no more! The Lynx Smart Grill will be happy to text you when your burgers are ready.

How much does all this wonderful cost?

Starting at $5999.00 for the 30” built in (Smart30) up to the $9499.00 for the 42” free-standing (Smart42F) barbecuing on these luxury grills comes at a premium price. Fortunately we have 12 months of good grilling season to make it worthwhile.

Here’s a great video we found on Digital Trends that will walk you through additional points.

PS You’ve got to love the Lynx tag line “Mom friendly. Dad ready."

PPS Check out Forbes 10 Best BBQ Grills & Smokers With Steven Raichlen: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for more bbq purchasing power.