Real Estate Investment Series | Strategies for Investing

In the GoodLife Luxury Real Estate Investment Video Campaign Series, Garry and Jennifer discuss advanced tips for investing in real estate. 

In the last installment of our Real Estate Investment Series, Creating Money Buckets, we talked about setting aside money to take care of those planned expenses for your investment property. For a full recap of that video click here

In this video, Garry and Jennifer will discuss the strategies that investors use for those investment properties.

While there are three different strategies investors use, not all of them will provide the same results. We share our favorite strategy below!

Three different strategies that investors use:

1. Speculation: In this strategy, one might purchase an investment property while speculating on a drastic increase in the value of that property. More than likely there is zero or little cash flow with this strategy.

2. Cash Flow with Potential for Appreciation: This strategy is based off using our spreadsheet to find the most optimal investment property that is producing positive cashflow from day one AND is in a location where you can get some appreciation out of that property.

3. All Cash Flow: This strategy is only after cash flow. In this strategy, you look at getting as much cash flowing from the property as you can while you own it, but you may actually end up selling it for little or no gains. With this strategy, you are giving up the ability to earn when you sell down the road. 

Our favorite strategy, and the one we recommend to all of our investors, is the second strategy, Cash Flow with Potential for Appreciation! Again, that is investing in a property that is going to produce cash flow AND is in a good location that has the potential for appreciation. 

Here at GoodLife Luxury, we have taken all of the investment properties on the market in Austin and vetted them, taken them thought our strategic selection process, and made a list of the top 10 investment properties available to you!

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