Modern Home Innovations, Trends and NASA Silly Puddy

Calvin Chen and Dan Loe of BercyChen Studio LP understand that architecture + lifestyle trends + building innovations attracts sophisticated clients who love modern architecture.

Both men are incredibly passionate and dedicated to the experience of their clients throughout process.

And you may wonder what NASA has to do with modern home building? Well, we are talking to industry leaders here!

On Trends and Innovations: geo-thermal wells, rain systems, pioneering with technology and potential. The automation of the modern home both remotely and in functional building capabilities is ever changing based on material availability. Did I mention NASA? And, so much more.

On virtual reality and rendering stereoscopic views, innovative materials and environmental building with energy usage as the duality woven into the core of building today? Yes, that’s right.

And, we consider “Why create architecture in Austin?” Their answers lead us to conversations about sustainability, topography, opportunity, year-round outdoor lifestyle, and the sophisticated clientele who enjoy that BercyChen pushes the envelope on technology and experimentation with design.

PS Here’s a bonus interview with Dan and Calvin as they take us inside 2708 Townes Lane in Tarrytown as featured in the 2016 Austin Modern Home Tour.

Calvin Chen was born in Taipei Taiwan, grew up on Australia, and moved to Austin for school … and he just never left. He is renowned for international work and regarded as a leader in architecture.

Daniel Loe was born raised and educated in Minnesota. He spread his wings in New York City and came to Austin for grad school ….and just never left.