Mirror "Smart Mirror" On The Wall

Meet the world’s first consumer “smart mirror” by Perseus Mirror. This wifi and bluetooth enabled mirror means that you never have to have your phone in your bathroom again! If you've accidentally submarined your iPhone you know that it is an expensive trip to replace it when it didn’t dry out.

The Perseus Mirrors mirrors your phone's home screen giving you every electronic advantage you would want such as:

> time/temperature

> manufacturing and assembly

> HD camera

> email notifications

> video streaming

> news and weather

> calendar

> trafic reports

Thanks to the brilliance behind it’s inventors, 3 grad students of Wharton and Harvard, the Perseus is somewhat intuitive and it has custom built components that allow for a water-resistant anti-fogging mirror.

If you believe in this Kickstarter project their fundraising goal is $100,000 through August. Your Perseus may be purchased for $209 Early Bird or $249 through the Kickstarter campaign. Retail price announced at $449 assuming funding completes and production begins.