Milan Design Week + Kitchens Designed for Cat Lovers

The annual Milan Design Week just wrapped. Cat lovers, if this Mocaki Modular Cat Kitchen from Mobitaly kitchen comes into production, you may never have to worry about your kitty jumping on the counter top while you cook again.

Cat-owners and kitchen designers Francesco Vintrici and Daniele Schinaia, have included a sleek unit with a built-in sink and range and it pretty much ends there for your traditional kitchen island. Storage for pots and pans are replaced with a feline playground of open shelves, hanging toys, food and water bowl spaces, and a labriynth for you cat to play til their heart’s content.

The stainless steel countertop is a smart touch for two reasons: 1) cats tend not to like the cool stainless and humans love the ease with which it cleans up (ask any chef). Check out Mobitaly social.