Little Mistakes That Costs Sellers Thousands When Selling - Bye Bye | Buy Buy

Most of us are not well advised when it comes to “over-improving” our home. It is, after all, our personal space that reflects so much of who we are.

Minor projects that improve a home’s appeal can cost a small fortune especially if we are going to live in our modern | luxury homes for years to come. If you’re going to spend a dollar to get back that dollar - then it doesn’t make sense for your wallet, time or energy.


Touch up older wood floors and replace old carpet with new wood floors. It’s a good idea both from a health and design perspective. Old carpets carry dust mites, odors and are likely no longer in style due to color, pattern or textile. The wood floors range in cost per square foot based on several factors. Do not use $35 per square foot hardwoods if your neighborhood generally has $15-20 per square foot. You will love it while you live in it but it won’t likely reflect in your selling price. 

Older appliances often lack EnergyStar efficiencies or technology that most of us expect in modern homes. When you improve that kitchen to sell, do not put the best of the best and hope that it pays you back. Yes, a new 36” sub-zero refrigerator looks fabulous but there are other built-in brands that will give you the same look and a better return on your investment. You’re moving and you’re leaving that refrigerator, stove, cappuccino maker.

Bathrooms, like kitchens, are often major projects - thermostatically controlled radiant floors under the tiles are worth every cent if you’re laying new tiles. Radiant heat is energy efficient and can ultimately help cut your bills down. Beware of the tiles you’re laying though as you can spend spend spend. Fittings for sinks and showers come in many levels and price points. Purchase wisely if you’re renovating to sell. Again, you can “get that look” for less if you’re simply updating to sell.

Sound Systems - if you’re an audiophile that spent six figures on your sound system and you're selling 7+ years later, that technology dates quickly. Brace yourself as the ROI is not in the cards.

We love dogs and cats but when you’re moving say bye bye to plush toy, pets running loose and the backyard anything less than perfection. It seems like everyone should love them as much as you and the grace to see beyond but people are more fickle than most pets. Some will not enter your home. It can cost you. Professional cleaning services are a must. Note: Do not buy plug-in scents or scented cat litter - both are often worse than any “wet dog smell”.

Work with your Realtor ahead of selling your home. We want you to have solid returns on the improvements you make prior to selling.