Light Up My Life

In a culture where we engage in technology for the purposes of “change-making” it's nice to know that a few companies out there are stepping up to create lighting that is aesthetically pleasing and takes us to the edge of new technology possibilities.


Like the telephone machine, when the lights go down in the city (sorry/not sorry) today's lighting has evolved. We’ve taken a huge steps forward in balancing form and function. We can now find exceptional and iconic designs as well as conservation/environmentally friendly fixtures as a result of this new architecture.

A few inspired companies are taking leaps of faith and creating lighting that perform across these plains while illuminating our space. Available online.

                                        Tube // 3D LED Lamp

For $100 could you get much cooler?


Haiku Garage Series 

LEDs for the modern garage. Eco-friendly with a century of lighting hours built in - although by then our cars may hover and knock it off the ceiling. Given our Texas climes, many of us use our garages for more than parking cars, bikes and hover boards. Haiku Home is a division “Big Ass Solutions”. These fixtures are bright, durable and long lasting - 3 things anyone would want in garage lighting!  

         Ellum Solar

We think this eco-friendly solar light is smart tech. It stylishly mounts to your wall and is simply cool for the modern organic light lover. Found on kickstarter it comes in a few shapes and sizes that are equally pleasing to the eye.

Lose your keys much? When the crystals within the tube are exposed to sun rays, this key fob will “charge” and can stay lit for up to 12 hours. It’s small enough at 1.58”L x 0.35"W x 0.35”H that it doesn’t take up space in your pocket or weigh down your evening purse (aluminum casing).

Let’s not forget our best friend! Those early morning and late night walks just got amped up with these harnesses and collars by Halo Lights. They are rechargeable, last up to 4 hours and they make that "stoop and scoop" easier. You may not have to use your smartphone “flashlight” any longer!

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