Lex Zwarun - The Process

Lex Zwarun of Newcastle Homes says that the newest real estate innovations in Austin, Texas, include downsizing total home square footage, upsizing smart home technology capabilities, living in flex spaces and, “Leave it To Beaver” communal spaces that create the connectivity that we are all seeking.

He shares that the kitchen remains the heart of our modern home lifestyle albeit we experience the space in a less formal way than in past. Thus, taking us out of our living rooms to gather. Outdoor spaces are also pulling us out from the living room as we venture outdoors to enjoy modern conveniences year-round.

The look of NewCastle Homes projects have evolved over the years. Their signature style isn’t a look. It is a design/build process that has found a true sweet spot in Austin. They offer “one-stop-shopping” by creating a single point of contact for client projects from start to finish. This allows the space for clients to focus on “the fun stuff” like designing and realizing the dream of their home.

Listen in as Lex offers insights on trends and innovations found in Austin building and architecture.

Lex Zwarun of Newcastle Homes grew up in Long Island NY. He came to Austin to attend the University of Texas, thought about the west coast but stayed to attend the Masters Program for Urban and Regional planning.