Laura Britt - Sustainability as an Enduring Trend

Laura Britt, Founder and Principal of Laura Britt Design, is passionate about sustainability. The heart of her design practice - transforming the way homes are designed and providing long lasting sustainability solutions - offers beneficial impact for both her clients and the environment.

When discussing trends and innovation, Laura describes a "movement" connecting outdoor and indoor living spaces as she softens the lines. Ultimately she says it’s about the "essence of each client, creating spaces that resonates with their own personalities".

Laura tells us about her recent visit to the Cosentino facility in Spain to learn more about development of the environmentally conscious product Dekton which melds technology and organic material to create a man-made product that will stand the test of time. She is happy to see these and other sustainable innovations and their many possibilities as a refreshing trend in architecture and a part of the "clean modern movement".

Laura Britt and her design team have an esteemed presence in Austin. Their interior design work was featured on the 2016 AIA Homes Tour. In addition, their interior design work was an acclaimed feature on the 2016 Modern Home Tour Austin in the beautiful 4500 Amarra Drive home.

Laura Britt of Laura Britt Design has an innovative team of designers. She provides a broad range of architectural development and interior design solutions. In addition, their eco-conscious furnishings line, Vervano, which is fully dedicated to sustainability.

Listen in as Laura offers insights on sustainability as an enduring trend in Austin architecture and interior design.

Laura found her home sweet home in Austin, Texas almost 20 years ago when attended the University of Texas' Masters in Architecture program with a focus on sustainability.