Knowing Your Buying Power

Knowing Your Buying Power

In the vide above, Garry and Jennifer discuss your buying power and how to use that to your advantage as a buyer.

What is buying power?

Buying power is understanding how much house you can afford, and how much house you want to afford.

Buying Power is not being prequalified, it is understanding how much power you have when you’re going to buy a house.

How do you really know what your buying power is?

The only way to really know what your buying power is, is to sit down and go through all of you numbers with a Lending Professional. This is the only person than can help you understand your buying power.

We highly recommend doing this before you start looking for home online!

How can you use buying power to negotiate?

When you are submitting offers on a house, make sure that you submit proof of your buying power to the seller and the sellers agent for a strong negotiation tactic to help you beat out the competition!

You will need a certified, and qualified real estate professional who can help guide you to negotiate the terms and conditions to get the home that you want.

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