Jared Haas - Modern, Minimalist & Timeless

Jared Haas, Principal at Un.Box Studio, is an Austin innovator with his finger on the pulse of modern design.

We love what Jared has to say about the the future of new builds and celebrating the "Slow Food Architectural Movement" where custom design allows for and values socially integrated spaces for todays lifestyle and pace.

Today's modern home is defined by a modern use of space provided by combining or consolidating programs or rooms to provide optimized open living areas.

Jared further notes there’s a North American residential building materials resurgence focused on utilizing earthy materials - in Austin concrete has gained popularity; Arizona is using rammed earth for thermal and green sustainable insulation while, the trend in Washington is Hempcrete.

Jared notes websites like Houzz.com are a starting space to inspire and educate homeowner/project designers daily.

An example of Jared Haas and Un.Box Studios' work was featured on the 2016 Modern Homes Tour Austin. Check out 2002 Peoples St built in conjunction with Newcastle Homes.

Tune in as Jared dishes on “what’s hot and what’s not”!

Un.Box is a collaborative design studio based in Austin, TX. They enhance the everyday environment through minimalist, efficient, and sustainable design. The signature style put forth by Un.Box is modern, minimalist and timeless utilizing materials such as: glass, steel, concrete, stone, wood.