Is The Samina Bed The Most Luxurious Sleep of Your Life? You Bedder You Bedder You Bet!

A good night sleep is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects for leading a healthy modern lifestyle. The uber luxurious Samina Sleeping System is designed to help achieve optimal sleep so we can lead healthier and more productive lives. There’s nothing like it!

Want better sleeping, snuggling and sex? Read on.

3 Things To Consider for Better Sleep

1) Overheating while you sleep and back pain: Perhaps it’s hormones or perhaps you sleep next to a human furnace. Perhaps you or someone you love suffers from back pain?

The Samina System is comprised of 5 layers specifically designed to support your body, to give you a good night sleep, to reduce or eliminate your back pain, and the system keeps you cool.

2) Your body is detoxifying while you sleep: We need a clear mind, strong heart and optimal hormone levels to be our best self both inside and outside our bedroom. Lack of a healthy sleep impairs our bodily functions and ability to take on life’s challenges.

The Samina is eco-friendly: there are no fire-retardants, synthetic materials or metals within the system. This means your body can focus on these 10 fascinating things that happen while you sleep.

3) We’re breathing in chemicals while we sleep: Your bed may be drenched in harmful chemicals like flame retardants and additional synthetic chemicals, thus exacerbating asthma, allergies and sleep apnea. With all of the chemicals we are exposed to each day, wouldn’t it be nice to know that we are not breathing in additional fumes for 6-8 hours each night?

The Samina For animal lovers: the hand-processed wool used in filling the topper and bedding is from humanely treated, free-roaming and pesticide-free pure virgin sheep. (Yes, we said virgin…in an article about beds.) 

Krisstina's Exclusive Interview with Claus Pummer

Our CEO and Founder, Krisstina Wise, suffered with sleep issues for years and was plagued by bouts of insomnia during her near death battle from heavy metal poisoning in 2013. After discussions with Claus Pummer, Managing Director, Health Sleep Expert, and Certified Sleep Coach in 2015, Krisstina did a lot of research on beds. Krisstina and Garry purchased a Samina bed for their new home. Six months of sleeping on the Samina Bed System and neither one of them has looked back.

On Krisstina’s WealthyWellthy podcast "Your Mattress is Killing You” she and Claus discuss the Samina Sleep System, the effects of technology in our bedroom (hint: it’s not good), touch on how light waves affect us, why metal box springs decrease sleep quality, give us a peak into some of her and Garry’s sleep rituals, and much more.

Luxe Price Tag

The luxurious 5-layer Samina Sleep System comes with a $5,472-$10,000 price tag for the King Solution Plus models. Custom sizes are available. There are 4 store in the United States with one in Dallas or shop online.

Traveling With Samina?

Here’s a list of worldwide hotels that offer Samina beds for the very best in luxury sleeping comfort. It’s a great way to test out their bed and get a great sleep!

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