High Performance Architecture - The Integrity of the Environmental Movement

Peter Pfeiffer, Principal | FAIA at Barley Pfeiffer Architecture is an internationally recognized innovator and leader in the Austin architecture community.

The Barley Pfeiffer Architecture style focuses on "Comprehensive Planning” which is both cohesive and comprehensive. Design addresses lifestyle and environmental needs such as lighting and traffic patterns and need for outdoor space that smartly protects the home from sun and water. They plan for architecture, interior design, furniture design... right down to the mailbox! He believes that all modern home architects owe it to the environment to consider both longevity of materials and the comfort of its inhabitants when architecting. As a leader and pioneer in the “energy” space, Peter encourages the minimization of energy consumption.

When discussing what's "Not Hot", the Tuscan style home is top of mind for Peter - the home design mixed with Texas materials and our Austin, Texas, climate leads to an unsustainable, low performance design. Tile roofs leak and stucco absorbs water causing indoor humidity issues.

Peter speak nationally about high performance architecture and the integrity of the environmental movement.

Tune in as Peter keeps it real when it comes to "what's hot and what's not” in high performance architecture!