Heathy Living To The Core

For anyone who has a home gym in Austin, TX, we think the Axius Core is about to change the way you train. It may even be revolutionary - given the efficiency built into simultaneously training across 3 planes -tilt, rotation and roll. Thus, building strength and stability while improving joint stability and mobility over time. Training with the Axius Core will increase balance and functional capabilities as you watch your performance abilities tick up.

This translates to a healthier you!

You can progress through complex maneuvers or keep it simple depending on your needs. Whatever you choose, know that training your core is the key to eliminating back pains and elevating athletic performance at any level.

Don’t try this at home.

Choose Your Own Adventure:

Side 1: Dome side down eliminates the roll while tilt and rotation are minimized. It’s the more controlled side.
Side 2: Ball side down is the more unstable side that requires stabilization and core, thus working the 3 planes.

And, there’s not a body part that you can’t work on with this portable two-sided "balance and mobility" system. They’ve designed complete workout plans that you can follow.

Mike Barwis, one of the most highly regarded strength training coaches in the world, is the Director of Programming. If that isn’t a testimonial to validating this #gtechworthy system then we don’t know what is.

The Axium Core is our latest “#gtechworthy find.

You may find Axius Core Kickstarter details here.