Getting Zen: Home Decor Meets the Modern Day Sea Monkey

More and more, we hear about calming our “monkey brain” improving our moods and reducing stress through mindfulness, meditation and embracing (or for some “forcing”) relaxation. Whether on your yoga mat, a zen app like Headspace or connected and tracked meditation through Muse getting more peace and inner quite is a gift we give ourselves.

If you’re looking for simple daily dose of tranquility and endless enjoyment you’ll want to check out of New York, NY. Their lifestyle zen orbs are self-sustaining miniature ecosystem for your desk at work, table at home or just a new “pet” for the kids?

The Opae Ula shrimp are native Hawaiian Islands red shrimp that will join you in your quest for tranquility. Best of all they do not require feeding as they live on the algae within the orb!

Enjoy your decorative zen underwater universe as your day ebbs and flows. It’s big step up from the 1970’s version.

Last time we checked, shrimps are not pets but this is the intersection of where zen meets decor and aquatic life. Granted, it’s not even a starter kit if you’re considering an aquarium but there is something rather intriguing that my inner 8 year old is seriously considering.

Notes: Glass orbs require plenty of natural indirect or artificial light. Depending on where you purchase it may come assembled or unassembled.