Front Load Washing Machine Mold: The Lawsuits Making Permanent Press

The modern day front load washing machines are notorious for bacteria, mildew and mold. Having replaced the rubber lining in my own high-end machine recently, I can assure you that those fresh bed sheets (ahhhhhh….) are history the moment you see mold and (potentially) smell mildew on the rubber lining of your front-loading machine.

Complaints at Whirlpool, Maytag, and Kenmore regarding their front-loading machines built between 2001-2010 have garnered the company a class-action lawsuit that was finally settled.

Almost 5.5 million people received notices that they may be eligible for a refund or rebate!

According to the lawsuit, “certain front-loading washing machines manufactured between 2001 and 2010 fail to adequately self-clean themselves of laundry residue, resulting in mold or mildew buildup that can cause bad odors and ruined laundry.” If you own or owned one of these machines, the settlement dictates, “you may qualify for a variety of benefits including a cash payment, a rebate on the purchase of a new washing machine or dryer, or reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses incurred due to past mold or odor problems in your washing machine.”

What You Can Claim?

Mold or odor problems within five years of purchase

> claim $50 cash or

> 20% cash rebate on the best-negotiated retail purchase price of certain washers or dryers made by Whirlpool.

> reimbursement up to $500 for documented expensesBonus: If you didn’t have a mold problem, you’re still eligible for a cash rebate of five percent off your next purchase of a washer, dryer, or laundry pair.

What If You Do Nothing?

If you choose to do nothing, then:

- you will not receive a cash payment, new washer or dryer rebate,

- you will not be reimbursed for repair or replacement expenses

- you give up the right to be part of another lawsuit against Defendants regarding the legal claims resolved by this settlement has full details or call 1.844.824.5781.

To file your claim online click here.

Also Making Permanent Press: LG

LG may take a big tumble shortly with a potential lawsuit that affects up to 800,000 machines made from 2002-2006.

Consumer Reports suggests other brands may also have mold issues. Do your homework before you purchase.

To file your claim online click here.

Pro Tip: If you have a front loading machine (washer or dryer) leave the door open when not in use - the humidity is no longer trapped between the door and rubber lining where the mold and mildew grow.