Erik Gonzalez: Why Substance Trumps Trends

Today's modern home is shaped by our lifestyle needs - from older children staying home longer to parents downsizing and moving in with their children; from dedicated entrepreneurial home workspaces to gyms and yoga sanctuaries. This is why Erik Gonzales, President of Sago International, bases his work on substance and not trends.

His insights translate concepts to clear functional and personal living spaces.

Erik is a master at balancing light, organic materials such as wood and marble, while he creates personal space. Each house is carefully considered as it must orient, relate back and respond directly to the light and specificity of the site that it sits upon.

Candidly, he shares that sustainability is guiding building innovations here in Austin, TX.

Tune in to find out who his greatest influence was and is, what’s not hot these days, what he does for fun, and so much more...

PS Here is a bonus interview with Erik as he shows us 2510 Trail of the Madrones featured in the 2016 Austin Modern Home Tour.

Erik Gonzalez epitomizes today’s modern | design architect. He leads with vision, simplicity and rich thought learned through influences around the world. He values collaboration and a holistic client experience. He has lived in Austin since he was a boy and is raising his beautiful family here.