Energy Saving In Austin Is Closer Than It Appears

Thanks to a new Austin city regulation, all new houses and apartments built in Austin must have smart thermostats. The higher end builders are already installing so it has little to no effect on what has already been adopted as a “smart practice”.

The goal, pure and simple, is energy savings.

And, in case you’re unaware, the Austin Energy PowerSaver Program is only available to energy customers with smart thermostats. And, the energy company is offering an $85 rebate on installation. How it works: Austin Energy can adjust the temperature in your home by up to four degrees during peak demand times for a couple of hours here and there. It saves money and energy for all.

Approximately 50,000 customers are enrolled in the PowerSaver program. There have been a few customers opt out. They generally live in older less well-insulated homes whereby raising the temperature becomes a tad uncomfortable.

Smart home thermostat company Nest has partnered with the city of Austin for the PowerSaver program.

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