Damon Behrens - Delivering Simple and Unique Homes

Damon Behrens of Kipp Flores Architects is staying very busy as Central Texas prospers. He and the company provide unique homes that are easy to construct, meet all the needs of the end homeowner while creating a thriving practice.

He notes three specific trends:

1) Lifestyle requirements that house multi-generational spaces: we are seeing more families moving in together and children growing up with grandparents in the home.

2) Open design with defined spaces: Damon often delivers through use of materials, varied ceiling heights and screening options.

A prime example is 3305 Hyclimb Circle showcased on the 2016 Modern Homes Tour Austin - the kitchen peninsula was used to provide a definition between the kitchen and living spaces providing a functional flow for daily use. 

Also of note, materials like granite countertops are the new standard (not a trend) and materials like Silestone and quartz are considered a level up from that standard.

3) Smaller scale living options: High functioning and energy efficient companies like Bosch are creating 24 inch appliance packages -an exciting trend in delivering higher end appliance for smaller scale living!

Hot or Not:

On what's hot and what's not - A small dedicated office area that allows for a private place to do business and the ability to close off that (sometimes messy) space away from the open concept living.

Tune in as Damon shares additional insights on “what’s hot and what’s not” and some of the latest trends in Austin and Central Texas homes.