Color Me __________

“I paint the spirit and soul of what I see.”

Brian Froud

Like words and meanings, paint is a tool that helps us discover a bit about ourselves. It boldly celebrates everything that we stand for.

With every color we choose on our walls, we evoke ourselves and leave deeper prints. When it comes to painting your home, it is about never ending potential. Every time you walk by "that room" you might be thinking it just needs a little something and then continue to stroll by on to that next appointment, chore or simply to lay your head down for the night.

The freedom to declare your style palette comes as we evolve. Paint colors, like life are expressed in measurable stages. As we discover these new stages we have the ability to be our own cartographer and chart our new color course. Why not be the architect of your own making? We see that freedom celebrated in Austin homes each week - some new, some newly remodeled, some just getting a facelift.

And, Austinites are often forward thinking on how color is used - this is, after all one of the best cities to capture and experience modern lifestyle. Colors have and give meaning - power, calm, sophistication, glamor - colors do not know gender. The color wave lengths affect us every day. They excite us, show off our creativity, express us and allow us to design by hiding or showcasing room features. The tone and mood of any room is set off by color.

Here’s a colorful message: The prospect of possibility is unlimited. The array of colors to paint that possibility with is also unlimited. Is it time to write a new modern chapter of your life? Is there potential in your home just waiting to peak out? Is there monologue in your house or a symphony?

"Techspert Corner"

Painting has the greatest impact at the lowest price point for any update in your home. Check out the apps below that allow you to see what your room will look like prior to a single drop of paint hitting your walls. We recommend starting with an app and then testing the paint colors on your walls.

Paint Tester by Luminant Software

Dulux Visualizer

Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer

Sherwin Williams Color Snap

Home Depot Project Color

Geek Inspired: If you’re on the go and find a color you love capture it with the Sherwin Williams Color Snap Visualizer or the ValsparPickAPaint and the app will turn it into a paint swatch for you!

Test Test Test: You and/or your designer want to test colors before you paint. The way we see color depends on the light an object absorbs and how light sources (natural and sun) effect that color.

A room facing east receives warmth and yellows during the day and feels “bluer” in the evenings.

A room facing west receives shadows in the mornings and glow warmer in the evening.

A room facing north receives cooler bluish tones during the day.

A room facing south receives high light during the day so colors appear brighter and lighter.

Many leading companies sell “testing pots” that allow you to paint patches on your wall so you can experience color at different times of the day or night. At $10 or so per testing pot, this investment goes a long way in your color decision making process.

For the latest in top color trends, how to use them and where to check out some of our favorite posts.

So, what’s your color mood these days? We’d love to hear from you.