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The new Jenn-Air Obsidian Refrigerator with black interior is stunning in this black and white kitchen!

Whether you love or hate appliance shopping is anyone’s guess. As homeowners we are all faced with that moment of purchasing decision when our lower-tech washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. either fail completely or you’re renovating and replacing with today’s high tech appliances. Some shopping tales are more "spec-tech-ular" than others. Let me explain.

I just had to replace my barely used 13 year old 30” Jenn-Air double wall-mount oven. I’ve learned that it is known for the “touchpad interface” aka "oven timer” to suddenly stop working without warning. Jenn Air no longer makes this oven timer part, thereby rendering the entire double wall mount oven obsolete (and several other ovens as well).

A previously $300 oven part just cost me $3,500 and a ridiculous amount of time as I surfed the interwebs and even kicked it old school calling numerous US and Canadian suppliers in hopes of finding the illusive old touchpad part. After hitting my head against several walls and admitting that there really was no other choice, I then painstakingly researched specs to determine which 30” double wall mount ovens would fit into the cabinetry space where said fallen soldier (aka aesthetically pleasing yet obsolete 30” Jenn-Air predecessor) rests … Now you’d think I’d never buy Jenn-Air again due to my frustration of not being able to replace the 13 year old part. But, dammit if the only decent unit I could find was another Jenn-Air. I had to admit that there was something to be said for 13 years old being a rite of passage.

Given the constant evolution of sophisticated design (materials and finishes) and consistent technological innovations (a variety of eco-friendly energy types and Energy Star consumption), I can’t wait to go shopping for my next set of luxury appliances.

Whether you love or hate appliance shopping the Canada’s CBC Marketplace aired a segment on faulty appliances. Watch! There’s a warning about Samsung refrigerators and a possible class action lawsuit in the US.

Other links of reference for pre-appliance shopping: Consumer Reports is THE place to start. Then go deeper.

Recommendation: Always google and YouTube reviews for design flaws! And, you can always check Twitter for #appliances or by name for various furniture makers or stores.

The moral of the story: Like all electronics, appliances have a shelf life. Embrace it.

PS I’d show you a stunning image of the new Jenn-Air unit but I sold the house. I will never see or use the new stainless beauty as the new owners take delivery directly. I hope they cook a lifetime of wonderful sweet smelling memories.