Biodegradable Cutlery Just Got One Upped! Health Yeah!

Healthy Living just got healthier with Bakeys Food company of India is creating edible cutlery! If you choose not to eat it, then it will decompose in only a few days. Millet is the main ingredient and requires less water to cultivate. Various flavors are available and each add a bit of flavor to a meal.

Choose amongst plain, sweet or savory flavors including: sugar, ginger-cinnamon, ginger-garlic, celery/black pepper/cumin, mint-ginger, carrot-beetroot. Environmentally friendly, fun and nutritious - these spoons are a home run. Looks like it’s only available in India now but you can bet WholeFoods, Wheatsville Food Co-op or other green grocers will want to get in the game.

Talk about innovative! Anyone who is not paleo should be celebrating. And, anyone who is earth-friendly should definitely be celebrating. Campers your belly will be full and your pack a little lighter on the way out too!

Here is a profile of founder Narayan Peesapaty. And, here you will find his thought-provoking TedxVITVellore video when he first discussed the concept.