AirBnB - Sharks, Shells and Scenic Hill

While Texas legislation has made it almost impossible to Airbnb condos, no matter where you’re heading around the world, there is an authentic local experience that awaits. In fact, it’s becoming more of a norm to avoid hotel norms, stay local and delve into spaces that feel more like “home” while you create memories. Here are 3 out-of-this-world Airbnb listings that you may want to put on your bucket list:

1. Jaws Enthusiasts: Underwater Shark Suite in Paris

French design agency Ubi Bene built an Airbnb-specific location. Submerged 10 metres deep in 3 million litres of water this circular transparent glass walled experience comes with… wait for it… 35 sharks! You’ll need to apply for the opportunity. 

2. Dreamers: Magical Treehouse in Italy

The “Suspended Nest” in Monferrato, Italy, offers endlessbreathtaking panoramic views of countryside and vineyards. With farm-to-table breakfast delivered each morning and a historic wine cellar available for evenings, you’re about to experience a taste of Italy unlike any other.

3. Heat Seekers: Seashell House in Mexico

Built on the cliffs of Isla Mujeres, Mexico by owners Raquel and Eduardo Ocampo, the “Seashell House” house is shaped like a pair of seashells and features several items created with shells (sink to the shower head). There is a private pool on site. The sandy beach is just a short golf cart ride away.

Have an Airbnb recommendation that you’d love to share? Let us know!