A New Twist on Cycling In Austin: Just Add Water

Imagine this as a new Olympic sport!

The “S1" or "S1-C" Water bikes by Schiller are designed for those who love open water and cycling. Engineered through modern design and technology the performance Schiller Bikes is set to offer a safe, fun and silent riding experience as you generate your own power along the water.

It takes around ten minutes put either bike model together. The bikes come in 3 sizes to fit most body frames ranging from 5’-6’5”.

Handlebars are ergonomically designed for comfort (you can adjust your grip as needed) and features highly responsive steering capabilities through the steering propeller system.


The S1-C is the “tricked out” higher performance model with a more optimized propeller, proprietary gearbox and maximizes thrust and energy.

Compact enough to store in your car (or on your bike rack), you can head down to Lady Bird Lake after work and put the day behind you as you pedal for miles.

Traveling? Imagine the cycling experiences you can have with your friends on open waters! The bikes are built for smoother ocean riding.

With hot summer temps here in Austin, Texas your aquatic exercising options just opened up!

Looking to buy that perfect luxury gift and spend more time outdoors with friends and family? Look no further! Prices start at $4500.