8 Reasons To Sell Your Home In Winter


The real estate market slows down in December. Many homeowners decide to take their homes off the market. Many wait until spring to put their homes on the market for the first time.


While it might seem counterintuitive, the holidays are an excellent time to sell your home!

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1. Serious Buyers: People looking to buy a home during the holidays are serious about finding and buying their new home! There may be fewer of these folks but they're not messing around.

2. Low Supply: Typically, supply dwindles as Buyers continue to search for new homes during the holiday season. Sellers, that means your home has less competition! The supply of homes for sale goes up in the new year. More inventory means more competition, potentially longer days on market and less money for your home as Buyers seek value amongst all of their choices.

3. Flat Market Prices/No Contingency: The spring marketplace means that there are more Buyers competing for homes. Many of those spring Buyers will require a contingency that states the must first sell their homes before closing on a new home. If you sell your house now and rent for the short term then you’ll be flexible on your moving date and not require a contingency - thus making you a stronger Buyer candidate for the purchase of your new dream home.

4. Holiday Decor: The holidays tend to bring out the best in a home when it is beautifully decked out with seasonal decor. The holidays can also provide an emotional connection to a home that will help a Buyer feel more attached and pay your asking price.

5. More Time: Many Buyers may have less demanding schedules and/or time off scheduled during the holiday season. Especially relocation Buyers... They need to purchase and only have a short window to find their next home. And, it’s must less disruptive on families who must consider their children's needs to be in school when the new year starts. 

6. Scheduling Control: You can restrict showings on your home to meet your holiday schedule! We will limit home showings and you maintain control.

7. Move in the Spring: You can sell during this prime holiday time and move after the holiday season. You can negotiate a longer closing period or occupancy timeframe.

8. Capture the Relocating Buyer: Employees often begin new jobs in the new year. They're looking for new homes now and can't necessarily wait until spring to buy. You can’t sell to this unique Buyer if you’re home is not listed for sale. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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Bottom Line: Listing your home for sale during the holiday offers you opportunities to find the perfect Buyer.