3 Lessons In Mid-Century Modern Design

Ever wonder why some designs stick around and some fade away? Do you remember when beads were cool in your doorway? Enough said. Mid-century modern or “modern" design has been with us for some time. Why? Because it get’s down to basics - clean aesthetics, casual and well defined living.

And, like any era, there are always at least three crucial elements for good design. Here are 3 lessons we’d like to share:

1. Flow the Indoors Out

In Austin, Texas, we are fortunate to have several months of the year that allow us to open our doors, windows and sliding walls to the very nature that surrounds us. We have the modern day option to embrace and expand our interior walls to meet and flow outdoors seamlessly. This flow encourages us to gather year-round in open spaces with cantilevered rooflines that keep the sun at bay and allow us to entertain in modern style.

By using similar color palettes in both our indoor and outdoor furnishings and flooring choices, we can visually experience “bigger” spaces and feel the cohesiveness it presents. Whether it’s lower priced furnishings from WestElm the newer/pricier Restoration Hardware Modern Collection or boutique furniture shops in the downtown core like Blu Dot, Five Elements Furniture or Nest Modern all make it easy to flow your spaces.

2. Simplicity

With a focus on clean lines and simple arrangements, mid-century designs never goes out of style. Where ornamental once lived, modern replaced it with organic and geometric shapes. Given our fast-past plugged in lives, the simplicity of modern design allows us to come home to a sense of calm and order (toys and backpacks, dogs barking and dirty laundry not quite hitting the basket not-withstanding).

Another part of that simplicity is brought to light through the repetition of color throughout a home. It’s not to say that your rooms shouldn’t have personality - far be it from the truth! However, basic accent colors scattered throughout the home will lend a sensibility that you can’t help but appreciate.

3. Light Fixtures

Today more than ever, lamps, chandeliers, and pendants have become art forms in their own right. And, better yet, with the advancement of designs, it is good to know that our lights are also highly functional. Lighting style and function set the mood for your living spaces just as much as your furnishings. Modern light “art” is a budget item all its’ own as anyone who has shopped lately can attest to. We like to think that our with artistic vision, our sensibility is never dimmed.